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Interested in working in a fast-paced environment with a dynamic team? CESC, Inc. is looking for a Director of Health Services.

If you have a passion for working with people experiencing homelessness and a commitment to helping them find housing, we are looking for you!


This position performs the basic function to be responsible for the overall administration and supervision of the CESC Health Services program (Three departments: Evening Clinic, Dental Office, TMH Telemedicine) in accordance with mission, policies and procedures established by CESC, Inc and Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. Ensures the availability and smooth operation of onsite services to provide client support and meet health needs, while creating a safe and confidential environment promoting dignity and respect.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:
• Adhere to agency mission and values, and promote these among the CESC Health Services team.
• Oversee and manage daily operations and services of CESC Health Services
• Asses organizational needs and develop, implement, coordinate and monitor agency staffing patterns in continuous consultation with the Executive Director of CESC, Inc. and designated TMH representatives.
• Oversee CESC Health Services financial budget in accordance with CESC, Inc. financial policy and procedures and in coordination with Finance Team and Executive Director of CESC, Inc.
• Evaluate CESC Health Services programs, management, procedures and systems on a regular basis with consultation with Executive Director of CESC, Inc. and designated TMH representatives.
• Ensure the development and maintenance of the solid community base of support for the CESC Health Services and its projects.
• Prioritize data collection across all departments for CESC and TMH purposes.
• Complete all responsibilities assigned by the Executive Director of CESC, Inc.
• Lead through fostering a culture of collaboration among CESC Health Services staff and demonstrating the ability and flexibility to work as a team member.
• Network with the community to establish partnerships through tours, presentations and media opportunities.
• Work directly with the CESC Director of Development and TMH Foundation representatives on grant writing and reporting.
• Oversee the licensing compliance of each program to ensure continuous coverage.
Program goals to be fulfilled by CESC Health Services under the direction of Director of CESC Health Services:

Improve health status of CESC clients.
1. Assist clients and successfully obtaining I’m going primary care services.
• Provide transitional care services to clients who have been hospitalized or are in emergency department.
• To provide appropriate clinical specialty services to clients as needed.
• Assist client in obtaining, understanding, and currently taking needed medications.
• Improve clients’ health literacy.
• Increase the provision of appropriate mental health services through telemedicine.
2. Reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency department and hospital stays.
• Stabilize chronic health conditions.
• Reduce unnecessary 911 calls and visits to the emergency department through the provision of on-site clinical services.
• This position is responsible for overseeing all service departments under the CESC Health Services umbrella. Provide direct supervision to department directors, managers or supervisors.
Required Job skills
• Excellent organizational and time management skills,
• Ability to remain focused and calm in dynamic, fast-paced environment ,
• Strong verbal and written communication skills,
• Demonstrated professional and appropriate behavior in the work place,
• Commitment to practicing the values of dignity and respect with clients, coworkers and community partners,
• Cooperative and flexible with people and systems,
• Proficiency with Windows, MS Office (Excel and Word), email, database use.
• Familiar with Allscripts
Email Monique Ellsworth at monique.ellsworth@cesctlh.org with your resume and cover letter if you are interested in this position.

Submission deadline is Monday, May 15 2019.

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