Feed Tally


Every day:

We serve over 600 meals to community members experiencing homelessness.

Tallahassee restaurants serve thousands of meals to financially sound community members.

September 12th we will bring that all together to #FeedTally.

We’ve partnered with the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association to provide spaces
where community members can enjoy a nice meal while also supporting our clients.

When you enjoy a meal at one of the participating locations,
a portion of proceeds will go directly towards operating our facility.


Not available to eat out on September 12th?
You can participate by donating below:

Share with your friends and encourage them to participate by posting about it on social and use #FeedTally.

Additional sponsors include:

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The Kearney Center is focused on eradicating homelessness throughout Tallahassee and the Big Bend region.

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Looking to get more involved in our mission? Reach out to us at support@kearneycenter.org to learn more.