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The Kearney Center partners with over 50 agencies and organizations in our community to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Some of the agencies include:

  • Ability 1st recognizes a person’s ability first, above all else. They work closely with clients who are experiencing a disability, and can assist them with obtaining a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair, as well as assist them in applying for benefits.
  • Adult and Community Education (ACE) Leon generously offers GED courses to our clients any time Leon County Schools are in session. Thanks to them, the resources for clients to obtain their GED is available close to where they sleep: in our very own “GED Room.”
  • Alcoholics Anonymous has meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in our cafeteria.
  • ALSCO generously donates their cleaning services daily.
  • Apalachee Center, Inc. assists those who are struggling with a mental illness. The Apalachee Center Homelessnes Project works specifically with those that are not insured, and that are experiencing homelessness.
  • Area Health Education Center runs a program called iQuit. iQuit is a smoking cessasion course where clients are given coping mechanism and smoking cessasion tools like patches and gum.
  • Bethel Missionary Baptist Church runs a group several times a week called “Spirtual Warfare.” This is a faith-based support group.
  • Bicycle House is a Tallahassee non-profit that assists our clients in obtaining and building bicycles. They are also known to fix wheelchairs and walkers with wheel or brake issues.
  • Big Bend Homeless Coalition (BBHC) works closely with the Kearney Center; both agencies are under the Big Bend Continum of Care (CoC). BBHC also has the following groups working out of our center
    • Advocates for Veteran Housing comes in with a Veteran’s Center representative to get clients who served in the military into housing.
    • HOPE Community‘s case managers work closely with our case managers, as we often share mutual clients. While the Kearney Center does accept expecting mothers, we refer them to HOPE for overnight services once the child is born.
  • Bond Community Health Center, Inc. works out of our medical bay to provide medical services to clients. With their assistance, we have been able to limit the number of times we have to call an ambulance to the center.
  • BowStern Marketing Communications– generously donates marketing and communications services.
  • Capital City Youth Services, Inc. comes to our center to pick up clients between the ages of 18 and 21, and take them to their facility. They provide meal services, clothing resources, counseling, and more, all while being able to drop our clients back off before curfew.
  • Career Source Capital Region assists our clients in building resumes and finding employment.
  • Department of Children and Families assists our clients in signing up for EBT benefits.
  • Dodstone Architects
  • Drug Information Service Center (DISC) Village helps those clients of ours struggling with addictions. They provide services that range from prevention and intervention, to residential treatment. They assist those persons whom are addicted, and whom are in the criminal justice system.
  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s Department of Social Work provides a plethora of wonderful interns to our social work department during the school year.
  • The Florida State University:
  • Forward March is an organization that assists our clients in obtaining skills that allow them to succeed in their chosen profession.
  • Good News Outreach provides services through programs such as their elder services, food ministries, Maryland Oaks Crossing (family low income housing), Mission Oaks Apartments (congregate housing for men) and Mercy House. For more information, click the link at the beginning of this blurb!
  • Good Samaritan Network provides services over many different programs. They run the Good Samaritan Inn, Chelsea House, chapel outreach, the Good Samaritan Super Thrift Store (located at 2810 Sharer Rd, Suite 30), Good Samaritan Contract Services (850) 297-1113), and much more.
  • Leon County Schools Adult and Community Education provides GED classes during the school year to our clients at the center.
  • Life Kingdom Church International provides a bible study group to our clients every Thursday in our dining room.
  • Missionary Bible Church provides church services to our clients on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.
  • Neighborhood Medical Center comes by the center in their van to pick up clients at the center, take them to their medical appointments, and bring them all back, all before lunch time!
  • Ohanah Ministries provides church services on Saturdays at our center. Their consultant, Nathaniel, plays a large role in keeping the center up to date on local events, and assists the Kearney Center in scheduling speakers at the weekly Networking Meeting (open to social service providers every Thursday from 11:30 to 12:30).
  • Recovery Ministries has taken it upon themselves to drive the Kearney Center Shuttle, in addition to the support group services they share with the center.
  • Red Hills Church provides faith discussion every Wednesday evening in our dining room.
  • Redwire
  • Refuge House helps the Kearney Center get victims of domestic violence out of harm’s way. They provide individual counseling upon prior notice.
  • Star Metro has been kind enough to help those who are or are at risk of experiencing homelessness by providing monthly bus passes for us to distribute amongst the local social services of Tallahassee. By doing so, we are able to lessen the burden of transportation costs to those who need help most.
  • Tallahassee Chan Center provides a stress reduction course on a weekly basis at our center.
  • Tallahassee Church of God provides church services to our clients on the last Saturday of the month at our center.
  • Tallahassee Veteran’s Administration  provides assistance to veterans experiencing homelessness, with the help of Advocates for Veteran Housing and Family Endeavors. Thank you for getting our veterans into homes!
  • TC Federal Bank
  • Unhoused Humanity helps those who need housing. They work closely with our case management department to help people out of homelessness.
  • United Way of the Big Bend– serves as a trusted strategic leader and convener for identifying and addressing the needs of those living in poverty and the working poor. The United Way supports Kearney Center clients from Wakulla and Gadsden counties.
  • Well Care provides the means for clients to get insurance in Florida. They are at our center Mondays through Fridays in the morning.
  • Wells Fargo‘s John Alverez, Jr. has taken it upon himself to provide beneficial budgeting workshops for our clients.

Thank you to all of our partnering agencies! Without you, we would not be able to do what we do!

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The Kearney Center is focused on eradicating homelessness throughout Tallahassee and the Big Bend region.

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