How do you stay at home if you are homeless? 

HOME 2020

We need you to help keep our community safe. Research suggests up to 40% of homeless individuals could contract COVID-19 with 10% of those individuals needing hospitalization*. As we work to keep the Capital City safe, we need to provide a safe “HOME” for these vulnerable neighbors. To provide a safe “HOME” we have moved clients from a congregate shelter setting to hotels and studio apartments. During this new normal, safety precautions necessary to keep clients, staff and the community safe come with additional costs.Welcome to our neighborhood!

Please help us provide a safe shelter-in-place option for our most vulnerable clients by supporting The Kearney Center’s COVID-19 HOME Construction Fund.  The estimated operating cost of COVID-19 is an additional $200,000 per month over our normal operating budget.  We are working hard to apply for all Federal and private funding available, but we need you to help to fill in the gaps. Will you help by providing a HOME for our most vulnerable?  Any amount is appreciated. We are all in this together.  As never before, when we help one…we help everyone.

Each HOME built signifies $2,500 dollars raised! We want your business represented in our community. Walmart generously supported our COVID-19 relief fund. Next up, we are adding Hancock Whitney to our community to celebrate their support. When you donate to a home your name or business logo will be displayed.




 Brick Construction brought to you by Alan Hanstein. Every building made from scratch!