A Daughter Hoping to Reunite with her Father

August 21, 2013

A Shelter Success Story from Jacob Reiter, Acting Director, The Shelter

On November 6th, 2012, I answered a call at The Shelter from a concerned women living in New York looking for her father. She told me she loved him very much and had been looking for him for the past 17 years and been calling shelters with hopes to find him. She explained he has suffered abuse, and was very quiet never asking anybody for help. After her father and his wife divorced he sunk into a depression and disappeared. I took down her number and promised her if he comes to our door I will be sure to let him know his daughter misses him and that I would give him her number.

This summer her father came to our shelter! I sat down with him and told him about my conversation with his daughter. He explained he wasn’t ready to call her because he wanted to be in his own place and doing well first, but he did give me permission to let her know he is safe and at The Shelter. I called her today and she was crying and so excited to know her father is alive and safe!

Tomorrow she will be emailing me a letter for her father with pictures of her and her daughter with hopes that one day he will be ready to come home!