Become a Key Turner

Through easy, automatic monthly payments, Key Turners help clients meet their immediate needs and work towards self-sufficiency. This monthly giving program is the most beneficial to clients of the Kearney Center and the most convenient for donors as it’s not necessary to actively remember to contribute.

Monthly donations help clients in a variety of ways


$10 a month

provides personal hygiene essentials to one person.


$15 a month

refills a prescription for two people.


$20 a month

feeds ten people a meal.

A sustainable way to make your impact felt year-round

If the $100 donation you were considering is out of reach, consider making a $10 monthly donation instead. That will allow you to increase your investment by 20% while minimizing the immediate effect on your wallet.

The process is simple

It’s easy to set up your recurring donation online! Through our online donation form, select ‘monthly’ as the donation frequency. Every month, the amount you choose will automatically transfer from your credit card or bank account. You can easily change your gift amount at any time by contacting our team!!