June 2024 Newsletter

On December 15th, 2016, Beth Phillips and Michele Burt came in to speak at the last networking meeting of the year at our center. They informed us of their involvement in Medicaid’s Access to Care medical transportation program, and are returning to the networking meeting on Thursday, January 12th, from 11:30 to 12:30 to speak again, and address the network of social service providers. Yellow Cab will be making a donation of 1,000 drawstring bags! Thank you, Beth, Michele, and Yellow Cab! Happy Holidays!


If you are in need of non-emergency medical transportation, please call your respective broker below:

  • If enrolled with Children’s Medical Services Network Ped-I-Care, call 1-(866) 867-0729 or 1-(866) 376-2456
  • If enrolled with Children’s Medical Services Network SFCCN, call 1-(866) 250-7455
  • If enrolled with Prestige, call (855) 573-7516
  • If enrolled with Staywell, call (866) 591-4066

You can request Yellow Cab to get you to your medical appointments, hospital, and emergency room, when you are in need of transportation service.